About Us

Overall, our organization can be characterized as an independent, commercial and retail, community bank providing quality customer service while presenting an image of professionalism and excellence which serves as a role model to other businesses in the African-American community. 



Unity National Bank of Houston, formerly Riverside National Bank, was established on August 16th, 1963. After a prolonged period of building support and making critical decisions, Riverside National Bank was regarded as an important milestone in history. August 6, 1962, the bank received a National Charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

On August 16th, 1963, Riverside National Bank's grand opening was a joyous occasion. People opened new accounts, eager to take advantage of this opportunity to build their financial futures. The bank quickly became a hub for business and community development, helping to spur economic growth and create a brighter future.

In 1985, Riverside National Bank was acquired by Bay Bancshares and renamed Unity National Bank of Houston.

In 1989, local African American businessmen acquired Unity National Bank of Houston. We have experienced growth and success as our customers and community partners have supported us.

In 1998, Unity National Bank of Houston opened a full-service branch in Missouri City, Texas. Due to the increasing need for expansion, we opened a third full-service branch in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2018.”

Board Members

Dr. Kase Lawal

Chairman of CAMAC International & Chairman of the Board, Unity National Bank


Carol Alvarado

Texas State Senator


Kamoru Lawal

President & CEO of CAMAC International Corporations


Sharon E. Murphy

Partner; McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy LLP


Moez Mangalji

Principal at Westmont Hospitality Group.

Our Vision

At Unity National Bank, our vision is to be the premier financial partner for Houston's underserved communities, fostering opportunities and prosperity. Our commitment extends to the ongoing development of a robust banking organization, strategically positioned with multiple branch locations across the Greater Houston Metroplex and Atlanta Georgia. This ensures that we deliver not only convenient but also highly professional services to cater to the diverse needs of all our valued customers.


Lending Programs

At Unity National Bank, our lending program has consistently been dedicated to the revitalization of our community. Primarily emphasizing commercial loans, we also prioritize supporting retail customers, particularly those seeking mortgage loans for their primary residences through a trusted third-party partnership.

While our focus remains on business lending, we actively collaborate with various agencies to broaden the spectrum of loan approval possibilities. Our strategic partnerships include esteemed entities such as Shell Community Financing Corp., Houston Minority Business Council, Houston Small Business Development Corp., Business Consortium Fund, Waterstone (an SBA Loan Service Provider), and others.
Notably, we proudly engage in providing SBA-guaranteed loans and conventional loans to small businesses, resulting in our recognition by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Certified Lender. This achievement reflects our commitment to facilitating economic growth and empowerment in the communities we serve.


Community Support

Beyond our lending endeavors, Unity is deeply committed to making a meaningful impact in our community through financial support and collaboration with esteemed agencies. We actively engage with organizations such as the YMCA, YWCA, NAACP, United Negro College Fund, SHAPE Community Center, Boy Scouts of America, Third Ward Redevelopment Council, and numerous others.

Our dedication extends to fostering close partnerships with various civic organizations in our community, aiming to promote harmony and deliver additional benefits to all our neighbors. Our employees demonstrate their generosity through significant contributions to the United Way and active participation in initiatives like food drives, Third Ward clean-ups, and other worthwhile programs.

Furthermore, our team is actively involved in community-building efforts, including tutoring students at elementary schools, while our officers regularly participate in career days and other educational activities. This collective commitment reflects our steadfast belief in creating a positive and lasting impact on the well-being of our community.



The success of minority banks hinges on strategic alliances, and our bank has been significantly fortified through key partnerships. Collaborations with esteemed entities like the National Bankers Association (NBA), Texas Bankers Association (TBA), The Independent BankersBank (TIB), Shell Oil Company, Amegy Bank, Cadence Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank have played a pivotal role in strengthening our institution.

These alliances have not only contributed to our growth but have also enhanced our ability to serve minority communities effectively. As part of our ongoing commitment, Unity will actively seek out new partnerships with entities that share the vision of improving and better serving minority communities. Through these alliances, we aim to continue elevating our impact and providing enhanced financial services to the diverse communities we serve.